Electrochem 2011: Electrochemical Horizons

Sep 05, 2011 - Sep 06, 2011
University of Bath, UK


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Electrochem 2011 is an Electrochemical Science and Technology Forum for the UK & Ireland electrochemistry community in industry and academia, and for the upcoming generation of interdisciplinary researchers. Highlights include:

Faraday Medal 2011: Award Lecture by Professor Hector Abruña, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cornell University
Evans Award 2011: Award Lecture by Professor Gerald Frankel, The Fontana Corrosion Center at Ohio State University

Symposia themes include:

The Evans Corrosion Symposium, Dr Nick Stevens & Dr Gareth Hinds
Nano-Electro-Crystallization Symposium, Prof W. Schwarzacher & Prof S. Bending
Sensor Innovation and Electroanalytical Processes, Prof J Hart, Prof P. Fielden, Dr R. Kataky
Nano-Electroanalysis Symposium, Dr Nathan Lawrence & Dr Greg Wildgoose
International Year of Chemistry – Sensors for Africa, Dr K. Ozoemena & Dr J. Limson
Nano-Carbon Technology Symposium, Dr Ian Kinloch & Dr Katherine Holt
Microbial Electrochemistry Symposium, Dr Petra Cameron & Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos
Electrochemical CO2 Conversion Symposium, Dr David Fermin & Dr Frank Marken
Fundamental Electrochemistry Symposium, Dr Jay Wadhawan & Prof Robert Dryfe
Light Driven Electrochemistry, Andrew Collins & Dr. F Marken
Electrochemical Processes in Exotic Media, Dr Darren Walsh & Dr Daren Caruana
Electrosyntheses: Processes in New Reactors and Media, J.D. Watkins & Dr P. Birkin
Inorganic & Molecular Electrochemistry, Prof Paul Low & Prof Franti Hartl
Fuel Cells and Energy Systems, Dr Carlos Ponce-de-Leon & Dr B. Pollet
Green Electrochemistry, Postgraduate Committee

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Confirmed Speakers

Prof Hector Abruña (Cornell), Prof Gerald Frankel (Ohio State), Prof Richard Nichols (University of Liverpool), Prof Alexei Kornychev (Imperial College), Dr Jochen Blumberger (UCL), Dr Andy Wain (NPL), Prof Fritz Scholz (University of Greifswald), Prof Guido Mul (Twente University) and Prof Andrew Bocarsly (Princeton).

Poster Abstracts
To download an abstract template please visit the website:  Abstracts will appear in a special issue of the Electrochemistry Newsletter.

Deadline for oral presentations: 31 May 2011 Deadline for poster presentations: 30 July 2011

Sponsorship & Exhibition
There are several sponsorship options and the exhibition will be held in the refreshments area, along with the poster presentations. For further information, please contact Frank Marken:


The full programme will be available shortly.

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