The International Conference on Applied Physico - Inorganic Chemistry

Oct 02, 2011 - Oct 07, 2011
Central Base ''Sevastopol'', 99002 Ukraine, Crimea,Sevastopol,Simonok st., 68

The International Conference on Applied physico - Inorganic Chemistry, the mighty branch of Applied physical Chemistry, gathers biennially scientists and engineers on the bank of Black Sea in Sevastopol ( Crimea, Ukraine, 2-7.10. 2011) for the discussion and decisions on acute problems in many branches of modern chemistry.

                General purpose of current conference is to put problems of interaction between technology and ecology from positions of V.I. Vernadsky theory of biogeochemistry  Here positions of evolution of "green" chemistry, environmental control, rational processing of natural raw materials, abnormal impact of nature on living bodies and many other related things will be the basic. This conference is celebrating  150 th birthday of  V.I. Vernadsky (one of the famous naturalist of 20 th century)

The conference should provide opportunities for exchange of the latest ideas and presentation and discussion of recent work on aspects of physico - chemical processes in ecosystems – water, air and soil and sustainable development including engineering and modeling. Now such problems become the problems of all mankind.

The aim of the conference is to encourage and facilitate the interdisciplinary communication among scientists, engineers, economists and professionals working in ecological systems and sustainable development.

We expecting that positions of evolution of  sustainable and "green" chemistry ,

will be discussed by  European chemical community during our Conference.

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