The Future of Water - a virtual conference

Jun 07, 2011
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Stemming from all walks of life, and touching on a variety of themes related to the international water challenge, the 60 speakers will share a sense of the big picture, as well as the on-the-ground reality of the global water crisis, with online participants. Featured speakers include Jacqueline Novogratz, founder and CEO of Acumen Fund; Jeff Seabright, Vice President for Environment and Water Resources at The Coca Cola Company; Lisa Nash, CEO of Blue Planet Network; and William Reilly, Chairman of Global Water Challenge.

The virtual conference will take place on Tuesday, June 7, at 11 a.m. ET and is available to anyone – at no cost – at Leading up to the event, visitors will be able to view and share a trailer previewing the conference as well as see a full listing of conference speakers. Conference participants will also have the opportunity to interact with featured speakers and other participants via digital and social media channels, adding their voices to the overall dialogue on the global water challenge.