Modern Synthetic Methods & Chiral Europe: Reaction to Reality

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Scientific Update - Conference & Training Providers for Industrial Organic Chemists

May 13, 2012 - May 16, 2012
Prague, Czech Republic

This conference has been designed to fill a gap in the conference field – providing a forum
where industry and academia can meet to discuss new synthetic methodology and chiral
chemistry, and how practical this methodology is from an industrial viewpoint.

Industry rarely devises new synthetic methods to perform each step in the synthetic route
but relies on using and modifying methods which have been discovered within academia. It
is therefore essential that the industrial chemist, whether in early research and discovery or
process chemistry, is aware of the latest developments in synthetic organic chemistry, so that
efficient and practical methods for synthesising new molecules are devised.

Emphasis will be on the state of the art and will provide directions for future work. Industrial
chemical case studies where key reactions have been used, either in discovery or in
development, will be provided.

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