Chemical and Biochemical Engineering in the Future- JORTEC 2011 MIEQB

May 09, 2011
Grande Auditório - Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologias da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Campus Caparica-Almada

Our school organizes every year a conference week; this week is called JORTEC, which means “Jornadas da Tecnologia”, "Days of Technology". 

During this week is assigned a day for each course, and the event's success is the sole responsibility of the students organizers.

This year’s theme will be "Chemical and Biochemical Engineering in the Future".

The subthemes and speakers are:

Order of Engineers- Eng. Luís Araújo (Confirmed);

-Óhmic Heating- Prof. Dr. António Vicente-UMINHO (Confirmed) and Dr. Ricardo Pereira(Confirmed);

-Ion Jelly- Dr. pedro Vidinha -FCT (Confirmed) and Prof. Dr. Luís Branco -SOLCHEMAR(Confirmed)

-Alternative Forms of Energy Production- Dra. Lígia Martins –ITQB(Confirmed) and Dr. Ricardo Louro –ITQB (Confirmed);

-Powered Cars to Hydrogen Fuel Cells- MERCEDES- Eng. Pedro Inácio (Unconfirmed);

-Bioplastics: Eng. Alexandre Soares - CABOPOL (Confirmed) and Eng. Eugénia Zacarias – LOGOPLAST (Unconfirmed);

-New Methods for Painting Automobile: AUTOEUROPA (Unconfirmed);

-Valuation of Industrial Waste for Chemical Industry (Unconfirmed);


The event will take place at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade da Nova de Lisboa at Campus de Caparica in 9th of May.