More Splash in Puerto Rico

Aug 01, 2011 - Aug 04, 2011
Convention Center, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Groups of students will conduct some of the global water experiments during the IUPAC-2011 Congress in San Juan, PR (see here for more info about the IUPAC2011 Congress). The experiments will be conducted during several days in a booth in the Convention Center where scientists across the world will have the opportunity to interact with the students and watch the enthusiasm generated of young people in role of Chemistry in daily lives.

This activity will go hand-in-hand with another planned event, “Chemistry in Our Lives: A Chat with Nobel Laureates” where students and teachers will have an opportunity to talk to the Nobel Laureates participating in the IUPAC Congress. Both events will further augment the development of materials in English and Spanish for the teachers and students, such as lesson plans discussing the roles of chemistry in our daily lives, Marie Curie, and the IYC. This event has been planned on Thursday afternoon during the Congress. 

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