Organic Chemistry: Week 3

Feb 16, 2011
Perry Local School District 4325 Manchester Avenue, Perry, Ohio 44081

Week 3 of the Science Enrichment Program covered organic chemistry, the chemistry that deals with chemical compounds that contain carbon.  The students learned about the chemical compounds created by organic chemists that are critically important to our high standard of living: rubber, plastics, fuel additives, lubricants, medicines, cosmetics, dyes, agrichemicals, detergents, and coatings.  As an organic chemist, Dr. Ciolli guided the students through the application of the scientific method in organic chemistry. In particular, the students learned about recrystallization, a technique for the purification of organic compounds.  The students then performed this technique on sugar in water to make rock candy.  The students were able to identify several experimental variables important to this technique, such as volume of water, quantity of sugar, and temperature.  The students also learned about the chemical reaction in which dyes permanently attach to cellulose in cotton via a covalent bond to perform fabric dyeing.  The students were then able to tie dye their own pillowcases.

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