The Big Picture - Launch of the Year of Chemistry

Feb 09, 2011
Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington, New Zealand


The talents of Victoria University chemists and Massey fashion designers combine to bring you the Merino Gold Fashion Show. Using wool fabric bonded with clusters of gold atoms, students are competing for the opportunity to visit the fashion houses of Italy.  The winner of the show will be announced during the evening.



Following the fashion show, Sir Richard Friend, Lord Rutherford’s successor as Director of the famous Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University, presents;

Exploring the creative tensions between science and technology

Many of the big discoveries in science have come about after a breakthrough in technology. Galileo needed lens-making technology before he could construct his telescope which changed our view of the universe forever.

However, current popular perceptions of the scientific method are different. Too often science is presented as a series of ‘grand challenges’, with the assumption that we all know where the next important problem lies.  So, how does it really work?

Sir Richard Friend will present his views, drawing on his experience of commercialising basic research at Cambridge University. Over the past 40 years a high-technology cluster has built up around the University, comprising some 1000 companies and 40,000 jobs.  This provides a creative environment both for scientific discovery and its translation to the marketplace.

Tickets to the event are free and open to the public. Click on the link below to register. For more information contact or 04 4705770

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