GA/GI Festival

Apr 01, 2011 - Apr 02, 2011
Penn Avenue Arts District / Events Schedule and Info @ 5472 Penn Avenue, Pgh, PA 15206 Pittsburgh Glass Center

GA/GI (prounced GAH-gee) invites the best of eco, technology and the arts to showcase their people and unique projects and programs. There is a diverse level of participation. GA/GI's indie format highlights Pittsburgh strengths as one of the leaders in the global "green" movement. Featured have been the Power Flower, 13 feet of glamourized steel that creates its own energy source by solar power and wind. And there is the University of Pittsburgh's Moblie Sceience Lab, a tactor trailer with resources to do on site experiments geared to school children. The huge vehicle states: "Science Rocks!" on its 80 foot outer shell.  GA/GI has will host hulta hoopers as destressing family exercise and partner with several galleries thourghout the Penn Ave Arts District  to create exhibits based on a green or technology theme for "Unblurred." One retooled exhibit at the forefrtont --"Antiquated Machines and Future Technology"--will be curated by the Irma Freeman Center where the art has included human brain scans as Pop Art and turn of the century typewriters on pedestals. Also for 2011, one of the city's most fascinating chemistry instructors, Professor Subah Das of Carnegie Mellon University will demonstate his practical approaches to science by having his students cook culinary classicsin the Glass Lofts using various applications of chemistry.

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