12th HEL Conference - Continuous and batch process development for hydrogenation and other catalytic processes

Sep 27, 2011
Pfizer Lecture Theatre, Cambridge University (Chemistry Dept), United Kingdom

Catalytic reactions, hydrogenation in particular, have seen a remarkable surge in interest over the last 10 years, most strikingly in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. More recently, flow chemistry has begun to attract a similar level of interest for a wide range of chemistries, but especially involving heterogeneous catalysis. 

The 12th HEL Conference will explore development tools and applications for both batch and flow reactions from a wide range of industries. The scope will include:

· Early Screening using manual  and automated tools

· Development of pressure reactions using parallel synthesis

· Scale up of flow and batch catalytic reactions

· Supercritical and other “green” chemistries

· Large scale continuous hydrogenations

Information on Keynote speakers from academia and industry will be published soon.  Additional speakers are invited and should contact HEL Marketing (, as soon as possible, with an outline of proposed presentation.

A reception and social gathering is arranged for evening of Monday 26 September and the conference will start promptly on Tuesday morning.

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