Attractive Science Park on Catalyst and Related Chemistry

Jan 29, 2011
Osaka Science Museum, Nakano-shima, Osaka

“Attractive Science Park on Catalyst and Related Chemistry” is an event with chemical experiment shows and exhibitions for school children and their family to promote the understanding and interest in the wonders of catalyst and related chemistry.

This event will be held by the organization of Catalysis Society of Japan (West division) in corporation with Osaka Science Museum.  In this event participants can enjoy to watch several exhibitions of posters, videos, and samples on catalyst and related chemistry. The participants can also watch the chemical experiments shows made by the researchers and professors of university and enjoy to design the model of catalyst materials (zeolites).

This event is now being planned as follows:

Scope: School children and their family

Program: Chemical experiment shows and exhibitions

Participants: About 500 participants are expected.

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