2012 (7th) China International Exhibition on Paper, Paper Chemicals and Paper Machinery

Nov 07, 2012 - Nov 09, 2012
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center


The 2012 (7th) International Exhibition on Paper-making Chemicals & Technologies and Applications will hold from 7th to 9th in November at Shanghai World Expo Center. As one of the most specialized exhibitions, the annual China international Pulp & Paper Chemicals Exhibition which is co-sponsored by the China Paper Chemical Industry Association, is becoming a key event for entering china paper market. The exhibition products cover: starch, sizing agent, water-soluble polymer polymers, functional paper chemicals, paper process chemicals, fillers, coating chemicals, adhesives and other paper chemicals, etc. 


In 2011, world famous chemical companies from China, America, Europe, Japan, Korea, India and Tailand had attended to this exhibition. There are about 200 exhibtors which had attracted to the exhibition. It includes world famous chemical companies Ashland, Kemira, Japan Arakawa, and Seiko PMC. There were more than 7000 vistors in this exhibition, and about 600 vistors from oversea. As well as visitors from downstream companies such as UMIN, PT.Sina, UPM-Kymmene, Jiangsu Feymer Technology Co., Ltd., Pulp Paper China, Jin Feng Yuan paper.

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