Lec/Demo (Marathi): rasayanshastratil gamti-jamti (chemistry is fun!)

Dec 07, 2011
Raje Sambhaji Hall, Arunoday Nagar, Mulund ( East), Mumbai - 400081



This is a special Marathi language version of some popular TIFR Public Outreach demonstrations being organized along with Pratibha Study Circle Mulund on 7th Dec. 2011.  This programme  showcase a series of fun hand-on chemistry experiments, many of which can be done with simple "chemicals" found in the kitchen!

1. rasayanshastril gamti-jamti  (chemistry is fun) this part has some colour changing reactions, chemiluminescence demos and other experiments to get the school students excited about the fact that chemistry can be cool.

2. ghar navachi prayogshala (the wonderful lab called home) - this will cover mostly kitchen chemistry - from the flames of candles and gas stoves, to making tea, curdling milk,  and properties of stuff from dough to dishwashing liquid.