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Interesting and useful experiments course for chemistry teachers of secondary school Tomoko Sato   |   added on Aug 12, 2011    |    Japan Chemistry teachers of scondary schools in Japan have been in trouble overnot enough students who like chemistry and been trying to show interesting experiments in front of students. So we could like to help them by intersting useful experiments.
Topic: chemistry education, educational materials, seminars, hands-on activities, demonstrations, workshops, biotechnology Audience: secondary school teachers

Chemistry and Food Basheer Paravakkal   |   added on Aug 09, 2011    |    India A presentation on the importance of IYC 2011 and Life of Madam Marie Curie,magic experiments in the chemistry of food,a short talk on the importance of chemistry and discourse with students.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, hands-on activities, sustainable and green chemistry Audience: students from high schools and chemistry teachers

Le Case della Scienza: Chimica & Materiali Silvia Grandi   |   added on Aug 08, 2011    |    Italy A week-end dedicated to discovery, science and technology culture in Imola.
Topic: hands-on activities, science fair, chemistry, science games, experiments, exposition, science café, science, science center Audience: students, general public, professional chemists, educators, primary schools, high schools, secondary schools

Chemistry show «Magical Liquids» at Entertainment Science Museum «LabirintUm» Tatiana Natarova   |   added on Aug 01, 2011    |    Russian Federation Chemistry show «Magical Liquids» is designed to cover the basics of chemistry, introduce interesting experiments to children to make them familiar with the physical properties of liquids and fun stories about chemistry. The show involves little minds in the dialogue with chemistry, museum guide Professor and their peers.
Topic: chemistry education, educational materials, hands-on activities, workshops, demonstrations Audience: general public, educators, teachers, school children, secondary school students

Determining the pH of water at locations in Western part of the Isle of Wight Roger Lacey   |   added on Jul 21, 2011    |    United Kingdom Sampling two small watercourses which run through the West Wight. Sampling the water from the beach at Compton Bay and two small streams which run across the beach. Testing each of the samples for pH. Making a still and collecting distilled seawater and comparing the pH of the distilled water with the original seawater.
Topic: hands-on activities Audience: students, general public, teachers, secondary school students