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The Chemistry in my Life Arlette Richaud   |   added on Jun 08, 2011    |    Mexico Join us in demonstrations and hands-on activities for general public, showing the way that chemical basic principles are present in daily life. Lets playing like a spy, a chef, a physician or like a scientific researcher. Take part of two funny scientific sundays.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, hands-on activities, demonstrations Audience: students, general public, professors, educators, teachers

Supramolecular Chemistry to Celebrate a Supra-Collaboration Joaquin Barroso-flores   |   added on May 16, 2011    |    Mexico Conferences by Acad. Dr. Ionel Haiduc "News in Supramolecular Chemistry" and Dr. Luminita Silaghi-Dumitrescu "Homo and Heterofunctional multidentate ligands containing As/As, As/S, As/O, As/P, S/S as donor atoms"
Topic: conferences, networking, inorganic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, organometallic chemistry, main group metal chemistry, coordination chemistry Audience: students, professors, research scientists, graduate students

Awards “Vicente Ortigosa y de los Ríos” for the Best Bachelor, Master and PhD theses in Chemical Sciences in Mexico Eduardo Barzana   |   added on May 14, 2011    |    Mexico Awards for the Best Bachelor, Master and PhD theses in Chemical Sciences in México. This year, the awards are named after the first recognized mexican chemistry scientist, Vicente Ortigosa y de los Rios, who studied in Germany during the first half of the 19th century.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, competition, chemistry education Audience: students, research scientists, universities, graduate students

Genomics, Obesity and Diabetes Eduardo Barzana   |   added on May 10, 2011    |    Mexico A very hot topic in chemistry and medicine these days is that related to obesity and diabetes. In this colloquium, a number of very prestiged scientists, both national and international, will discuss this topic mainly from the point of view of genomics.
Topic: chemistry education, workshops, biotechnology, conferences Audience: students, research scientists, universities, educational institutions, decision makers

Photo Gallery Women in Science -- Galería Fotográfica "Es mujer, es científica, es Julieta Fierro Gossman" en el Año Internacional de Mujer Científica Guendulain López   |   added on Apr 04, 2011    |    Mexico Recognize the career of a woman scientist like the Master Julieta Fierro Gossman from the look of CECYTEO Site 5 "Etla" -- Reconocer la trayectoria de Una Mujer Científica como lo es el de la Maestra Julieta Fierro Gossman desde la Mirada del CECYTEO Plantel 5 "Etla"
Topic: exhibition, publications Audience: students, professors, general public