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SOCMA's 8th Annual Chemical Industry Golf Tournament Liesa Brown   |   added on Jun 07, 2011    |    United States One-day golf tournament to raise money for the American Chemical Society (ACS) Scholars Program. Proceeds will help sponsor scholarships for qualified minority applicants who want to enter the fields of chemistry, biochemistry or chemical engineering and students seeking degrees in chemical technology.
Topic: chemistry, chemical industry, chemistry education, chemical industries, events, networking, education of chemistry, luncheon, dinner, scholarship, golf Audience: professionals, decision makers, general public, graduate students, post graduate students

“Frontiers in Catalysis” Symposium in Honor of Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Richard F. Heck Tim Shaw   |   added on Jun 01, 2011    |    United States "Frontiers in Catalysis" Symposium is in honor of Dr. Richard F. Heck, winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Topics of discussion include practical applications of the “Heck Reaction” to create ultra-portable electronics such as smart phones, iPhones and tablet computers, in addition to technical aspects of catalysis.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, nobel prize in chemistry, catalysis, electronics Audience: students, research scientists, universities, graduate students

Back To The Future Celebratory Luncheon Edward Werner Cook   |   added on May 30, 2011    |    United States Celebrating the centenary of the opening of the original Chemists’ Club building in 1911 Home to numerous international organizations; Meeting place for others:– And looking into the future with the wisdom of a century’s experience. Brief history of club and electrochemistry and present challenges in battery chemistry.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, networking Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, educators, research scientists, industrial chemists, women chemists, graduate students

Science Discoveries: The Science Around Us Eric Klinker   |   added on May 27, 2011    |    United States Learn about the the science that surrounds us every day through hands on activities and demonstrations.
Topic: chemistry education, educational materials, hands-on activities, demonstrations Audience: school children, schools

Importance of Chemistry to Consumers and Industrial Products Robert Davidson   |   added on May 17, 2011    |    United States Develop posters to show employees and the general public how important chemistry is to making our products work. Chemistry makes possible the range of adhesives, abrasives, health products, light control films and other products we sell.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, educational materials Audience: students, professional chemists, general public, educators, teachers