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Younger Chemist International Video Michael Hurrey   |   added on Nov 22, 2010    |    United States Cartoon video depicting a world without chemistry and the challenges faced without the transforming power of chemistry. Video done with levity to engage young people and to highlight IYC 2011. The IYC 2011 slogan Chemistry - Our Life, Our Future is translated into a dozen languages to reach as many people as possible.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, educational materials Audience: students, educators, general public, professional chemists

Texas Christian University Library IYC Book Display Jeffrey Bond   |   added on Nov 19, 2010    |    United States This book display will feature chemistry books on a variety of topics. The display will be in the lobby of the Texas Christian University Library in Fort Worth, Texas. Also included will be information on using chemistry information resources, both print and online. This display will be available January-February, 2011.
Topic: books, libraries, information Audience: students, professors, post graduate students, universities

Chemistry in the Science Museum Petra Van 't slot   |   added on Nov 19, 2010    |    United States Bring chemistry into the local Science Museum at no extra cost for all visitor. The Chemistry Demo are lined up with the California Science Curriculum Standards. The demos are carried out by undergraduates in order to spark their interest in Chemistry Education
Topic: chemistry education, chemistry fun Audience: students, educators, elementary school, school children, science museum

ACS National Meetings & Exposition Liezl Perez   |   added on Nov 19, 2010    |    United States Join us next year for our National Meetings offering scientific professionals a platform to present, publish, discuss and exhibit the most exciting research discoveries and technologies in chemistry and its related disciplines.
Topic: conferences, chemistry education, networking, workshops Audience: professional chemists, industrial chemists, educators, professors, post graduate students, universities, teachers, decision makers, research scientists, women chemists, tertiary education

You Be The Chemist Challenge Laurel Brent   |   added on Nov 09, 2010    |    United States The YBTC Challenge is a fun and innovative academic competition that grade 5-8 students in learning about important chemistry concepts, discoveries, and chemical safety. Challenge competitions are exciting events that take place across the country, encouraging the collaboration of community organizations, schools, and and the
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, hands-on activities, educational materials, competition, events, everyday life Audience: students, industrial chemists, professional chemists, educators, general public, universities, teachers, decision makers, educational institutions, chemical distributors, chemical manufacturers