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In this section, your ideas for IYC2011 can start to become reality. Here, you can submit activities for consideration and, after a short review, they will be listed below and any related events will populate the IYC calendar. Activities listed here have a clearly defined theme and describe how, when, and where they will take place.

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Expo Química 2011 Sergio Muniz rogel   |   added on Nov 02, 2011    |    Mexico The chemical Expo 2011 is an event where students show scientific experiments for the school community, perform chemical reactions, changes of matter and other experiments to communicate with scientific explanations various phenomena, chemistry is fun, easy to learn and communicate between young people.
Topic: demonstrations, celebrating chemistry, chemistry education Audience: students, general public and educators.

Conferencia: Año Internacional de la Química Ricardo Quit   |   added on Oct 19, 2011    |    Mexico A Conference on advances in chemistry from the laws of Antoine Lavoisier through atomic theory until the discovery of fullerenes, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1996, offered on demand to institutions in Mexico.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, conferences Audience: students, general public, secondary school students, school children

Free Periodic Tables Ricardo Quit   |   added on Oct 19, 2011    |    Mexico Free periodic tables (70x40cms) for those académic institutions which organizing any activities related to IYC 2011. Up to 12 per institution, science clubs or public places for the public understanding of science. Also for teachers and science speakers to bring to their audience
Topic: periodic tables, list of elements, educational materials Audience: teachers, educatos, universities, educational institutions, museums, science clubs, the consejo nacional para el entendimiento público de la ciencia is offering to print and give free periodic tables (70x40cms) for those académic institutions which organizing any activities related to iyc 2011. up to 12 per institution, science clubs or public places for the public understanding of science

Click Chemistry. Enlazando un mol de ideas Carlos De los reyes   |   added on Sep 30, 2011    |    Mexico Click Chemistry is intended to spread the versatility of this science in daily life and to promote interest in the field. This is to be done through conferences and workshops about diverse applications such as chemistry in forensics, cosmetics, natural products and health.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, conferences, seminars, workshops Audience: students, general public, professors, teachers, highschool students

Portraits & Bio EXPO : "Celebrating Women in Chemistry: pioneers and future promises" Addy María Gomez   |   added on Aug 28, 2011    |    Mexico Small Portraits and Bio Expo to celebrate women in chemistry, rescuing the contributions of pioneers in the field and attracting students and general public attention toward the female chemists that are considered internationally as promises of the future for their work and profiles.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, art, chemistry education Audience: students, general public, universities, women chemists, secondary school students, secondary schools