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From Less to Green - a Chemistry Workshop Niti Kanva   |   added on Sep 19, 2011    |    India My school D.L.D.A.V. N.D. BLOCK ,Pitampura Delhi , India has organised two days workshop for chemistry teachers to train students to use less chemicals to reduce pollution & move towards green chemistry
Topic: green chemistry, workshops Audience: teachers, educators

Québec/Ontario Mini-Symposium on Bioorganic and Organic Chemistry Dirk Ortgies   |   added on Jul 08, 2011    |    Canada The 22nd Québec/Ontario Mini-Symposium on Bioorganic and Organic Chemistry is a three day conference consisting of oral- and poster-presentations. It is the premier regional conference in its field of research and provides the possibilities for exchange between graduate students, academic and industrial researchers.
Topic: organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, catalysis, green chemistry, total synthesis, conference, presentations Audience: professors, graduate students, professional chemists, researchers, industrial chemists, universities

Chemistry and Sustainable Development Forum Grupo MEQ   |   added on May 13, 2011    |    Colombia Our goal with this activity is to show university community, industry and general public, to chemistry as a central science that helps solve global needs. We are going to show the interactions of the chemical industry, chemical processes environmentally friendly, green chemistry and its social commitment.
Topic: sustainable chemistry, green chemistry Audience: students, professional chemists, research scientists, educators, industrial chemists, post graduate students

Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S) - Conference hosted by SOCMA ChemStewards® Liesa Brown   |   added on May 02, 2011    |    United States The focus will be on the concept of sustainability and how it is defined for small and medium-sized chemical companies. Discussions will address sustainability from a practical standpoint. Government agencies will talk about impacts and new programs to assist companies in achieving more sustainable operations.
Topic: green chemistry, environment, sustainable development Audience: chemistry, professional chemists, chemists, students, educators, researchers

Can We Grow Energy? - Role of Chemistry in the Energy Future Tanya Fogg   |   added on Apr 05, 2011    |    United States The global demand for energy continues to soar and the interface of biology-chemistry to fossil fuel replacement may be the next breakthrough. What chemical technologies are holding promise for this challenge? Will biofuels be the solution or create other problems? Dr. Bruce Dale discusses the challenges, innovations, and que
Topic: biofuels, fossil fuels, biochemistry, green chemistry, petroleum research, chemistry Audience: chemists, students, professors, biochemists