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Use of Edible Oil in Proper Perspective Sunita Adhikari   |   added on Nov 04, 2011    |    India As a part of the celebration of International year of Chemistry the Department of Food Technology has organized an invited talk on "Use of Edible Oil in Proper Perspective" on 04.11.11.
Topic: seminars Audience: students, professors, teachers, post graduate students

Seminar cum Poster Presentation on "Safety and Maintenance of Dairy Products Processing" and Quiz Contest Sunita Adhikari   |   added on Nov 04, 2011    |    India The Dept. of Food Technology of Gurunanak Institute of Technology, Sodepur, Kolkata-114, W.B.India has organized a Seminar cum Poster Presentation on "Safety and Maintenance of Dairy Products Processing" and Quiz Contest on 03rd November,2011 as a part of celebration of International Year of Chemistry.
Topic: seminars, competition, hands-on activities Audience: students, professors, teachers, post graduate students

Ateneo Chemistry Olympiad 2012 Nikita Bacalzo   |   added on Nov 04, 2011    |    Philippines In line with the commitment of Ateneo de Manila University and Ateneo Chemistry Society in promoting academic excellence, the Ateneo Chemistry Olympiad was created as a venue for high school students with exemplary skills and talents in chemistry to come together in the spirit of friendly competition and sportsmanship.
Topic: competition Audience: students, high schools

Chai and Why? Astrochemistry: Exploring the outer space laboratory Arnab Bhattacharya   |   added on Nov 04, 2011    |    India Amazing chemical reactions happen in clouds of gas and dust that lie between the stars. These molecular clouds are billions of km across with cold atoms and molecules well-spaced and hit by cosmic rays. How do we know what molecules are there? What kind of chemical reactions dominate when it is so cold and rare?
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, seminars, educational materials Audience: students, general public, educators, teachers, educational institutions, secondary school students, high schools, school children, secondary schools students

Expo QuĂ­mica 2011 Sergio Muniz rogel   |   added on Nov 02, 2011    |    Mexico The chemical Expo 2011 is an event where students show scientific experiments for the school community, perform chemical reactions, changes of matter and other experiments to communicate with scientific explanations various phenomena, chemistry is fun, easy to learn and communicate between young people.
Topic: demonstrations, celebrating chemistry, chemistry education Audience: students, general public and educators.