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In this section, your ideas for IYC2011 can start to become reality. Here, you can submit activities for consideration and, after a short review, they will be listed below and any related events will populate the IYC calendar. Activities listed here have a clearly defined theme and describe how, when, and where they will take place.

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Festival Átomo de Ouro de Vídeos de Química (Golden Atom Chemistry Videos Festival) Edson Minatti   |   added on Jun 22, 2011    |    Brazil LIGHTS, CAMERA AND.... REACTION! The FIRST FESTIVAL OF AMATEUR CHEMISTRY VIDEOS, called THE GOLDEN ATOM, is organized by the Canal Fala Quimica ( The goal is to collect videos of all participants showing experiments, demonstrations, documentaries, lectures or interviews about Chemistry.
Topic: educational materials, hands-on activities, demonstrations, chemistry, website, art, video, virtual conference Audience: students, general public, professors, educators, research scientists, universities, teachers, tertiary education, high schools, school children, post graduate students

Nueva página web SChQ / New SChQ web page Adelio Matamala   |   added on Jun 13, 2011    |    Chile New web page for the Chilean Chemical Society is available to increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry, to help as a link for chilean chemists, and encouraging the interest of young people in chemistry.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, publications, website Audience: general public, research scientists, universities, industrial chemists, students, post graduate students. etc

Science in the News Flash IYC 2011 Special Edition Johnny Kung   |   added on Jun 09, 2011    |    United States A collection of articles written by graduate students at Harvard University to promote public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, publications, website Audience: general public, educators, universities, graduate students

International Conference on Applied Physico-Inorganic Chemistry Koxanenko Evgeney   |   added on Jun 07, 2011    |    Ukraine The International Conference on Applied Physico-Inorganic Chemistry, the mighty branch of Applied Physical Chemistry, gathers biennially scientists and engineers on the bank of Black Sea in Sevastopol ( Crimea, Ukraine, 2-7.10. 2011). Website: e-mail:
Topic: conferences, networking, sustainable and green chemistry, website, publications Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, educators, research scientists

Molecules at an Exhibiion in the National Lottery Sergio Musmanni   |   added on May 22, 2011    |    Costa Rica Ten chemicals will be displayed, one on each piece of lottery (1-10). The proposed graphic design would contain the chemical structure, the generic name and the logo of IYC and Colegio de Quimicos. Information of the importance of the chemical will be available on a web page (Fundacion CIENTEC) with a short explanation.
Topic: publications, website, celebrating chemistry Audience: general public