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Hydrogen Storage Materials: Faraday Discussion 151 Ann Ennis   |   added on Dec 01, 2010    |    United Kingdom Hydrogen is widely billed as the fuel of the future. In addition to compressed (either liquid or gaseous) hydrogen, two main themes are being explored: adsorption of hydrogen by materials and "chemical hydrogen" where hydrogen is reacted with a material.
Topic: conferences, chemistry, networking, future fuels, green chemistry Audience: professional chemists, physicists, industrial chemists, postgraduate students, undergraduates, universities, research scientists, professors

EICC-1: First EuCheMS Inorganic Chemistry Conference Ann Ennis   |   added on Dec 01, 2010    |    United Kingdom Showcasing the work of the very best inorganic chemists in the world as well as posters and an exhibition, the conference will provide excellent learning and networking opportunities.A central aim of the conference is to promote the development of the new generation of inorganic chemists.
Topic: conferences, chemistry, networking, inorganic chemistry Audience: professional chemists, inorganic chemists, industrial chemists, postgraduate students, undergraduates, universities, research scientists, professors

Frontiers in Spectroscopy: FD150 Ann Ennis   |   added on Dec 01, 2010    |    Switzerland This meeting will provide a forum to discuss cutting-edge developments and future challenges in molecular spectroscopy. The topics will include biomolecules in the gas and condensed phases, high and ultrahigh-resolution spectroscopy, studies of molecular dynamics in the time and frequency domain and progress in computational m
Topic: conferences, chemistry, spectroscopy, networking Audience: professional chemists, physicists, bioscientists, postgraduate students, undergraduates, universities, research scientists, professors

Antibiotics 2011 - Where Now? Ann Ennis   |   added on Dec 01, 2010    |    United Kingdom This meeting brings together international experts from big pharma, spin-out start ups, academics and national reference laboratories to provide an over-arching view of the field.
Topic: conferences, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, networking Audience: universities, industrial chemists, research scientists, post graduate students, pharmaceutical scientists, professors, undergraduates, nhs, students, funding bodies

Informex Asia 2011 - Singapore Gregory Zheng   |   added on Dec 01, 2010    |    Singapore An exhibition and conference in Singapore, focusing on fine and specialty chemical industries in Southeast Asia, bringing together high quality buyers and premium sellers on a regional networking platform.
Topic: conference, exhibition, sustainable, green, chemistry, industry, trade fair, trade show, commercial, informex, networking Audience: professional chemists, industrial chemists, professors, decision makers, researchers, process engineers, chemical suppliers, chemists