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Science fair Universidad de Santiago de Chile Ángel Olguín g.   |   added on Apr 20, 2011    |    Chile This project is a demonstration "in situ" of experiments development by students of Chemistry, Biochemistry, student's Teachers in Biology and Chemistry and technical's students. It will include a challenge for secondary school.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, science fair, chemistry education, conferences, networking, seminars, educational materials, hands-on activities, workshops, demonstrations Audience: students, secondary schools students, tertiary education, educational institutions, women chemists, teachers, industrial chemists, universities, general public

JORTEC or “Jornadas da Tecnologia” - the Days of Technology Gabriella Caldeira   |   added on Apr 19, 2011    |    Portugal JORTEC 2011 - Days of Technology, MIEQB Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologias da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, conferences, networking, seminars, sustainable and green chemistry, publications Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, general public, educators, research scientists, universities, industrial chemists, teachers, post graduate students, women chemists

First Meeting of Iberoamerican ex-Chemistry Olympics Pia Cerdeiras   |   added on Apr 18, 2011    |    Uruguay The 2009 Iberoamerican Chemistry Olympics will meet in Montevideo, Uruguay to strengthen the ties they made dring the Chemistry Olympiads that tok place in La Habana, Cuba, and to fullfill the IYC goals which they share. They organized the meeting themselves!
Topic: celebrating chemistry, networking, hands-on activities, demonstrations Audience: students, general public

Balancing Chemical Equations and Stoichiometry Education Bobbi Lamont   |   added on Apr 13, 2011    |    United States Master teacher and award winning presenter Bette Bridges and Harvey Gendreau team up to present innovating ways to apprach the teaching of balancing chemical reactions and stoichiometry. May 7 in Barnstable, MA.
Topic: chemistry education, workshops, educational materials, seminars, networking, conferences Audience: professors, educators, universities, teachers, post graduate students, educational institutions, high schools, secondary schools

Chemistry in Today's World Bobbi Lamont   |   added on Apr 13, 2011    |    United States NEACT celebrates the International Year of Chemistry. Aug 1-4 at St. Joseph’s College in Standish Maine. This 4 day conference will explore chemistry’s solutions to many of the world’s problems including energy, clean water, and medicine.
Topic: chemistry education, conferences, networking, educational materials, hands-on activities, workshops, demonstrations, sustainable and green chemistry Audience: professors, educators, teachers, graduate students, professional chemists