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SEEDS (Systemic Education and Extra-Mural Development and Support) Scifest Africa Outreach Project Stephen Ashworth   |   added on Jun 02, 2011    |    United Kingdom Chemistry shows and educator workshops in rural schools in the Western Cape province of South Africa
Topic: chemistry education, educational materials, workshops, demonstrations Audience: educators, secondary schools students, teachers

Science Discoveries: The Science Around Us Eric Klinker   |   added on May 27, 2011    |    United States Learn about the the science that surrounds us every day through hands on activities and demonstrations.
Topic: chemistry education, educational materials, hands-on activities, demonstrations Audience: school children, schools

"Role of Chemistry in everyday life since ancient era" Chetankumar Masram   |   added on May 23, 2011    |    India One Day National Level Conference in Chemistry on "Role of Chemistry in Everyday Life Since Ancient Era" is an event to promote rational spirit in society and to increase the public appreciation and understanding of Chemistry and to encourage the interest of young people in Chemistry.This will definitely enhanced the knowledge
Topic: conferences, chemistry education, celebrating chemistry, demonstrations, science fair, publications Audience: students, professional chemists, general public, professors, educators, universities, teachers, educational institutions, tertiary education, secondary school students, secondary schools

"Mostra Didattica: Le Pratiche della Chimica Ieri e Oggi" Valentina Domenici   |   added on May 23, 2011    |    Italy This is an exposition dedicated to the Practices of Chemical Activity and the Laboratory of Chemistry in the Past and in Our Days. Two recostructions of the typical Laboratory of Chemistry at the end of the 1800th and a modern Laboratory will be the contest of several hands-on activities inside the Museum.
Topic: hands-on activities, demonstrations, chemistry education, celebrating chemistry Audience: students, educators, school children, secondary schools, secondary schools students

Saudi Chemical Society celeberates the IYC Noha Elnagdi   |   added on May 21, 2011    |    Saudi Arabia Chemistry ceremony at King Saud University that includes lectures, notes, experiments and demonstrations
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, workshops, demonstrations Audience: professional chemists, professors, general public, educators, research scientists, universities, teachers, industrial chemists, post graduate students, tertiary education