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EUROanalysis 16 Slavica Razic   |   added on Nov 22, 2010    |    Serbia With its motto “Challenges in Modern Analytical Chemistry” this European Conference on Analytical Chemistry is open for contributions from all subfields, whether theory, methods or applications and will highlight new prospects and developments of current importance.
Topic: analytical chemistry Audience: students, professional chemists, educators, industrial chemists, professors, universities, post graduate students, teachers, decision makers, research scientists, women chemists

American Chemical Society's IYC Bulletin Liezl Perez   |   added on Nov 22, 2010    |    United States Distributed monthly, the IYC Bulletin is intended to reach out to those individuals involved in grassroots promotion of the IYC in order to share information, resources, and best practices for the planning and execution of IYC programs, events, and initiatives.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, educational materials, publications Audience: professional chemists, educators, industrial chemists, general public, professors, post graduate students, teachers, decision makers

JCIA Joins Celebration of the IYC2011 Ayumu  Inoue   |   added on Nov 20, 2010    |    Japan Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA) and its member organizations and companies plan to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry by communicating the IYC2011 to broad audience through various events and brochures that JCIA and its members conduct and publish.
Topic: plant tours, seminars, hands-on activities, chemistry education, conferences Audience: students, teachers, professional chemists, industrial chemists, general public

The 91st Annual Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan Yusuke Kawase   |   added on Nov 20, 2010    |    Japan The Annual Meetings will attract more than 8,500 participants, and are among the largest scientific meetings in Japan.
Topic: conferences Audience: professional chemists, students, educators, industrial chemists, general public, post graduate students, decision makers, universities, professors, tertiary education, teachers, school children, graduate students, women chemists, educational institutions, high schools, research scientists

Attractive Science Park on Catalyst and Related Chemistry Hiromi Yamashita   |   added on Nov 20, 2010    |    Japan “Attractive Science Park on Catalyst and Related Chemistry” is an event with chemical experiment shows and exhibitions for school children and their family to promote the understanding and interest on the catalyst and related chemistry.
Topic: hands-on activities, science fair Audience: students, educators, teachers, secondary school students, school children, high schools