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Antibiotics 2011 - Where Now? Ann Ennis   |   added on Dec 01, 2010    |    United Kingdom This meeting brings together international experts from big pharma, spin-out start ups, academics and national reference laboratories to provide an over-arching view of the field.
Topic: conferences, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, networking Audience: universities, industrial chemists, research scientists, post graduate students, pharmaceutical scientists, professors, undergraduates, nhs, students, funding bodies

Excellence in Education 2011: Giftedness, Creativity & development Taisir subhi Yamin   |   added on Dec 01, 2010    |    Turkey The ICIE will provide a conference programme with the highest caliber of Keynote speakers including Nobel Laureate, invited speakers, and a large number of scholars and presenters alongside a selection of exhibitors. This conference is another milestone in the journey towards leadership, creativity, and innovation.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, conferences, chemistry education, networking, educational materials, workshops, science fair Audience: professional chemists, educators, professors, post graduate students, universities, teachers, decision makers, research scientists, women chemists, tertiary education

Renewable and Sustainable Energy from Biological Resources - CHEMRAWN 2011 Ting-Kueh Soon   |   added on Nov 27, 2010    |    Malaysia CHEMRAWN 2011 will focus on chemical research, technology and innovation in renewable and sustainable energy that can be harvested from biological resources including carbohydrates, starchy and cellulosic materials, oil crops/oils, biomass, municipal waste, biological effluent and sewerage, and others.
Topic: conferences, sustainable energy Audience: professional chemists, decision makers, research scientists

Lviv Chemical Readings-2011 Olena Sovyn   |   added on Nov 24, 2010    |    Ukraine “Lviv Chemical Readings-2011” is the next of a series of Conferences aiming in the exchange of recent results in different fields of Chemistry. Every time this event is attended by scientists of different ages and nationalities.
Topic: conferences, chemistry Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, post graduate students, research scientists

Catalysis and Sensing for Health (CASH) Tony James   |   added on Nov 23, 2010    |    United Kingdom The disciplines of catalysis and sensing, within the chemical sciences arena, do not tend to be tackled in parallel, it is the aim of this CASH Symposium is to bring together researchers with expertise in these fields to combine their knowledge.
Topic: conferences, celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, seminars, networking, sustainable and green chemistry, analytical chemistry, publications, biotechnology, references Audience: students, professional chemists, educators, industrial chemists, professors, universities, post graduate students, teachers, research scientists, women chemists, tertiary education, educational institutions, secondary schools