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International Symposium on Fluorous Technologies 2011 (ISoFT'11) Istvan T. Horvath   |   added on Dec 16, 2010    |    Hong Kong ISoFT'11 will be held in Hong Kong between 30 November and 3 December 2011 and focus on the latest developments of fluorous chemistry and technology.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, conferences, chemistry education, sustainable and green chemistry, website Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, educators, industrial chemists, universities, post graduate students, research scientists, women chemists, decision makers, tertiary education, educational institutions

3rd International Conference on Drug Discovery and Therapy Atif Hussain   |   added on Dec 14, 2010    |    United Arab Emirates This unique international conference provides a platform for all pharmaceutical scientists, internists and primary care physicians to discuss and learn about all the important international breakthrough developments on drug discovery and on new therapeutics.
Topic: chemistry, exhibition, medicinal chemistry Audience: researchers, women chemists, professional chemists, post graduate students

Networking Breakfast - Cambridge, UK Joann Leeding   |   added on Dec 13, 2010    |    United Kingdom A networking breakfast to celebrate the role of women in Chemistry as we link up with colleagues in the Gambia.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, networking, women in chemistry, women in science Audience: students, professional chemists, industrial chemists, general public, educators, teachers, research scientists, women chemists

Analytical Knot between Chemistry and Society Shyamal Kar   |   added on Dec 13, 2010    |    India A visionary act towards the changing trends in chemistry with the society by our Forum which also invites more students as well as academia to put their ideas and works in the half yearly journals issued by the forum named "The Chemical Axis" which was first issued in September 2003.
Topic: hands-on activities, competition, seminars, traditional use of natural chemicals in remote areas, miraculous chemical magic show for school children s, chemical quiz programmes Audience: women chemists, students, industrial chemists, educational institutions, prfessional chemists, professors, press, state ministers

6th International Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis “RENACOM2011" Mohammed Lachkar   |   added on Dec 11, 2010    |    Morocco The 6th International Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis “RENACOM2011" which will take place on April 29-30, 2011 to the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Errachidia (Southeast of Morocco), aims to stimulate interactions between researchers in the field of organometallic chemistry.
Topic: conferences, celebrating chemistry, sustainable and green chemistry Audience: professional chemists, students, industrial chemists, professors, post graduate students, research scientists, teachers, women chemists