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70th Anniversary and 40th Annual Sessions of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, Sri Lanka N.M. Sanjaya Hettigedara   |   added on May 21, 2011    |    Sri Lanka The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon has planned to celebrate its 70th Anniversary simultaneously with its 40th Annual Sessions on 16th-17th June 2011 at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka. (Text by A.M.Jayasekara, Programme Officer IYC 2011)
Topic: celebrating chemistry, sustainable and green chemistry, workshops, seminars, publications Audience: industrial chemists, professional chemists, educators, research scientists, universities, teachers, post graduate students, educational institutions, decision makers, tertiary education

Wrexham Science Festival Katie Dutton   |   added on May 13, 2011    |    United Kingdom The Wrexham Science Festival returns in July, and will include a whole host of talks, workshops and demonstrations to get you thinking about science. Events will be based around four themes – Earth and the Universe, Animal World, Human Mind & Body, and Bright Sparks
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, hands-on activities, demonstrations, science fair Audience: students, general public, universities, secondary school students, tertiary education, secondary schools, school children, high schools, graduate students, secondary schools students, research scientists, teachers

2011: Odissea nella Chimica - A Chemistry Odyssey Tommaso Martelli   |   added on May 11, 2011    |    Italy "2011:Odissea nella Chimica" will be in Pisa, Italy, a week-end full of activities to explore Chemistry; this event is for everyone! Old and young, experts and curious!!! see you in Pisa!!!
Topic: celebrating chemistry, hands-on activities, conferences, demonstrations Audience: students, general public, professors, educators, universities, teachers, secondary school students, tertiary education, high schools, school children

Fostering Innovation Tanya Fogg   |   added on May 10, 2011    |    United States Are you challenged to come up with new ideas and solutions? Do you want to tap into that inner voice? Join our speaker as she shares a proven process to generate ideas and stimulate innovative thinking.
Topic: acs webinar, acs webinars, innovation, small business, entrepreneur, professional development Audience: students, professional chemists, general public, professors, educators, research scientists, universities, industrial chemists, teachers, post graduate students, women chemists, educational institutions, decision makers, secondary school students, tertiary education, high schools, school children, secondary schools, graduate students, secondary schools students

XIII Regional Meeting of the Brazilian Chemical Society - Rio de Janeiro Arlene Correa   |   added on May 06, 2011    |    Brazil The 13rd Regional Meeting of the Brazilian Chemical Society will be held at the Militar Institute of Engineering in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, in July 4-7, 2011. This year the event has the theme “The Challenges of Chemistry in the Gold Decade of Rio de Janeiro”.
Topic: conferences, educational materials, seminars, sustainable and green chemistry Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, educators, post graduate students, secondary school students, tertiary education