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Spreading awareness through society sharare masoumi   |   added on Oct 02, 2010    |    Iran, Islamic Republic Of We will form a chemical NGO for our purpose to activate teachers, students, and create and spread awareness about chemistry in society and through public. We want engage women in environmental problems and call them to challenge with these problems. We want to tell the public that everything around us is a chemical matter.
Topic: workshops, seminars, celebrating chemistry Audience: chemists, teachers, students, general public

EPCA film showing the chemical industry is a provider of solutions matching humanity's current and future factual needs Maria De Rycke   |   added on Oct 01, 2010    |    International The chemical industry, as a necessary supplier of all other industries, is the provider of solutions matching humanity's current and future factual needs (access to food, drinkable water, health, energy and emission friendly housing and transportation, communication and education, females and science)
Topic: chemistry education, educational materials, sustainable and green chemistry, celebrating chemistry, video Audience: students, educators, general public, tertiary education, teachers, secondary schools, educational institutions, graduate students

Educational Activities by The Chemical Society of Pakistan Khalid M. Khan   |   added on Sep 28, 2010    |    Pakistan The Chemical Society of Pakistan is preparing various activities for the IYC2011 celebrations. Below is a short overview:
Topic: Audience: professional chemists, students, educators, general public

Twelve Months of Chemistry (2011 = Chemistry x 12) Paulo Ribeiro-Claro   |   added on Sep 26, 2010    |    Portugal A set of 12 activities to point out each month of 2011, advertised as a one-year programme, aiming at the maximization of their individual visibility.
Topic: celebrating chemistry Audience: students, professors, general public

Commemorative IYC stamps to be issued in Sri Lanka N.M. Sanjaya Hettigedara   |   added on Sep 26, 2010    |    Sri Lanka The Steering Committee IYC 2011 Sri Lanka has proposed to Sri Lanka Philatelic Bureau to issue of 5 Commemorative stamps to celebrate the year 2011.
Topic: stamp Audience: general public