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Chemistry Festival in Umunze Chidimma Ike   |   added on Mar 24, 2011    |    Nigeria Science quiz, debates, talks, shows, chemistry displays etc
Topic: Audience:

Chemistry - The key to Nigeria’s prosperity Yilkur nandul Lohdip   |   added on Mar 19, 2011    |    Nigeria Round-table discussion on the following topics: Petroleum industry and local content, Fertilizer industry and agriculture, Solid mineral processing, Natural products utilization
Topic: seminars, workshops Audience: professional chemists, industrial chemists, women chemists, general public, secondary school students, research scientists

Chemistry and the Millenium Development Goals - Conference of Chemical Society of Nigeria Folahan Adekola   |   added on Feb 27, 2011    |    Nigeria The 34th Annual International Conference of chemical society of Nigeria comes up at University of Ilorin, in the ancient city of Ilorin, Nigeria between 19th -23rd September 2011. The theme of the conference is Chemistry and the Millennium development goals. Details are available on
Topic: chemistry, chemical industry, chemistry education, sustainable development, analytical chemistry, applied organic and organometallics synthesis, pharmaceutical chemistry, physical chemistry, environmental chemistry, materials chemistry, organometallic chemistry Audience: industrial chemists, tertiary education, researchers, students, scientists and engineers, professional chemists, school children

Networking Breakfast - meeting between West Africa and Cambridge, UK Comfort Uchendu   |   added on Jan 15, 2011    |    Nigeria Mrs. Comfort Uchendu, Rivers State College of Arts and Science sharing a chemical moment in time with other female scientists in West Africa and Cambridge, United Kingdom.
Topic: networking, conferences, website, seminars, celebrating chemistry, workshops, hands-on activities, biotechnology Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, educators, industrial chemists, post graduate students, research scientists

Celebrating Women Contribution to Chemistry Binta Moustapha   |   added on Jan 05, 2011    |    Nigeria B’da Best Concepts has designed a 100 days activity and host a Chemistry Fair. Participation will be drawn from eighteen schools from the eighteen local government areas of Cross River State-Nigeria. The main activities will be held in Calabar, the Cross River State-Nigeria.
Topic: science fair Audience: students, teachers, general public