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Chemistry As INnovating Science - CHAINS2011 J. Grimminck   |   added on Sep 05, 2011    |    Netherlands CHAINS2011 (Chemistry As INnovating Science) is the largest chemical conference in the Netherlands ever.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, conferences, networking, seminars, workshops, demonstrations, sustainable and green chemistry, science fair, website, biotechnology Audience: professional chemists, decision makers, research scientists, professors, students, educators, teachers, universities, industrial chemists, post graduate students, women chemists, educational institutions, secondary school students, high schools, school children, tertiary education, secondary schools, secondary schools students

Towards European synergy for research in chemistry - a Euro-Chemistry summit Nico Kos   |   added on Jul 26, 2011    |    Netherlands Euro-chemistry is organizing a summit where we bring together stakeholders including chemistry performers, chemistry funders, chemical industry, policy makers (national & European level), international organizations, and non-European stakeholders such as the US National Science Foundation in order to discuss improved funding.
Topic: conferences, chemistry Audience: professional chemists, professors, research scientists, industrial chemists, decision makers

Conference on International Cooperation and Chemical Safety and Security Keith Powell   |   added on Jul 18, 2011    |    Netherlands The conference is intended to promote the goals of the Chemical Weapons Convention by highlighting, in conjunction with major international stakeholders, both the achievements of the OPCW and the challenges that lie ahead.
Topic: chemistry education, conferences, sustainable and green chemistry Audience: professional chemists, general public, professors, research scientists, universities, educational institutions, decision makers, graduate students

OPCW Conference on International Cooperation and Chemical Safety & Security Amber Cosentino   |   added on Apr 27, 2011    |    Netherlands The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) will host an OPCW Conference on International Cooperation and Chemical Safety and Security on 12 and 13 September 2011.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, conferences, networking Audience: professional chemists, universities, decision makers

Networking Breakfast - The Hague, The Netherlands Cyrille Timmerman   |   added on Jan 11, 2011    |    Netherlands The Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry will organise a Networking Breakfast as part of the International 'Women Sharing a Chemical Moment in Time'.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, networking Audience: women chemists, woman decision makers