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Vision 2030 - popularizing chemistry in Kenya Patricia Gitari   |   added on Feb 08, 2012    |    Kenya On 25th March 2011, the International Year of Chemistry was launched in Kenya at a conference held at the University of Nairobi. This second conference is a follow up and it is expected to bring together a diverse group of participants.
Topic: Audience: teachers

Role of Chemistry in industrial development in Kenya Leonard Gitu   |   added on Apr 02, 2011    |    Kenya Seminars/ Workshops on 30 April 2011 and 28 August 2011
Topic: celebrating chemistry, seminars, chemistry education, workshops Audience: students, industrial chemists, professors, educators, graduate, post graduate students, universities

Celebrating IYC 2011 in Kenya Solomon Derese   |   added on Jan 28, 2011    |    Kenya The Department of Chemistry, University of Nairobi, and the Kenya Chemical Society has planned a number of activities towards celebrating IYC 2011. The main targets of these activities are undergraduate students, high school teachers and their students, Midlevel College Lecturers and their students and the general public.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, demonstrations Audience: general public, lecturers, teachers

Networking Breakfast - University of Nairobi, Kenya Leonidah Kerubo Omosa   |   added on Jan 09, 2011    |    Kenya Women in Chemistry; lecturers, students, alumni and role models in the field; will get together on Tuesday, 18th January, 2011 to discuss a number of topics including the importance of chemistry in life and the pivotal role of Marie Curie in Chemistry.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, networking, chemistry education Audience: post graduate students, research scientists, women chemists, graduate students, professional chemists

Natural Products Research Network for Eastern and Central Africa (NAPRECA) Solomon Derese   |   added on Oct 23, 2010    |    Kenya The theme of the symposium is "Natural Products from African Biodiversity" and experts in the area will present papers on the structure elucidation, biological activity, potential use as drugs and synthesis of Natural Products.
Topic: symposium, workshops, hands-on activities Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, post graduate students, tertiary education, research scientists, women chemists, universities