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Marie Curie International Contest of Battery and Science Lectuters Ikuo Satoh   |   added on Aug 13, 2011    |    Japan On the occasion of International Year of Chemistry, memolizing of Marie Curie, we would like to hold on International Contest as: What sort of battery experiment Marie Currie will give or do with children if she is alive in 2011?
Topic: celebrating chemistry, competition Audience: students, general public, professors, educators, secondary school students, tertiary education, high schools

Chemistry Lab., Let's Try the Experiments on Conductive Polymer Kazuaki Hiroki   |   added on Aug 12, 2011    |    Japan Participants understand the mechanism of a conductive polymer, through the lecture and the experiments, including the synthesis of polypyrrole and the fabrication of a conductivity checker "TOHRU-kun"
Topic: seminars, workshops Audience: students, general public

Interesting and useful experiments course for chemistry teachers of secondary school Tomoko Sato   |   added on Aug 12, 2011    |    Japan Chemistry teachers of scondary schools in Japan have been in trouble overnot enough students who like chemistry and been trying to show interesting experiments in front of students. So we could like to help them by intersting useful experiments.
Topic: chemistry education, educational materials, seminars, hands-on activities, demonstrations, workshops, biotechnology Audience: secondary school teachers

The Japanease Research Chemists --The Dawn of the Modern Chemical Research in Japan Tokiko Sasaki   |   added on Aug 12, 2011    |    Japan We exhibit about Japanese chemists who played important role in the beginning of modern chemistry research in Japan and in establishing Japanese academic research system during Meiji, Taishou and early Showa eras.
Topic: special exhibition Audience: general public

Toray Advanced Materials Symposium 2011 Yoshio Matsuda   |   added on Aug 08, 2011    |    Japan Seminars aimed for the purpose described in the section 4. given by four world class scientists including two Nobel Prize laureates in chemistry; Prof.R.H.Grubbs, Prof.H.W.Kroto, Prof.Takuzo Aida and Prof.Shinya Yamanaka.
Topic: seminars Audience: students, professional chemists, general public, professors, research scientists, industrial chemists