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Experimentarium in Chemistry Claudine Buess-herman   |   added on Sep 19, 2011    |    Belgium The Chemistry Department of Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) is establishing an "Experimentarium" that is a simple yet flexible environment that will enable teachers to illustrate to their students a range of basic key themes as well as more exciting topics.
Topic: chemistry education, demonstrations, hands-on activities Audience: teachers, secondary schools students, primary schools students

A healthy, wealthy, sustainable world Tim Reynolds   |   added on Sep 13, 2011    |    Belgium Dr. John Emsley talks about his latest book – ‘A Healthy, Wealthy, Sustainable World’ in Brussels on 19 September. The book was specifically written for International Year of Chemistry 2011 and describes the importance of chemistry in everyday life and the benefits that chemical science currently brings to society.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, sustainable and green chemistry, publications Audience: students, general public, professional chemists

IUPAC Day in Brussels Paul Baekelmans   |   added on Aug 15, 2011    |    Belgium A colloquium organised by the National [Belgium] Committee for Chemistry
Topic: iupac, chemical industry Audience: general public, students, professional chemists, professors, educators

Emerging Targets and Treatments: Opportunities and Challenges for Drug Design Ly Differding   |   added on Jun 16, 2011    |    Belgium Annual One-Day Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry of SRC & KVCV (Medchem 2011)
Topic: conferences Audience: students, professional chemists, universities, industrial chemists, professors, research scientists, women chemists

IDB Val d'Or Celebrates Chemistry Tina Michetti   |   added on May 05, 2011    |    Belgium During the "open doors" in our school, the young students are going to present spectacular chemistry experiments. Where? Institut Don Bosco avenue du Val d'Or, 90 d 1150 Brussels (BE) When? May 21 , from 9.30 a.m to 5.00 pm. Everybody is welcome!
Topic: celebrating chemistry Audience: secondary school students, school children