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In this section, your ideas for IYC2011 can start to become reality. Here, you can submit activities for consideration and, after a short review, they will be listed below and any related events will populate the IYC calendar. Activities listed here have a clearly defined theme and describe how, when, and where they will take place.

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TGH Jones Lecture: Tangling with Long Molecules Rosalind Boulton   |   added on Oct 18, 2011    |    Australia This free lecture will be delivered by Professor Dame Julia Higgins DBE FRS FREng. They are so much part of our daily lives, it is hard to imagine a world without synthetic polymers for packaging, clothing, transport, sport - the list is endless.
Topic: chemistry Audience: students, professors, graduate students

Preventing and Curing Infectious Diseases: Carbohydrate Vaccines and Continuous Flow Synthesis Rosalind Boulton   |   added on Oct 15, 2011    |    Australia This public lecture will be presented by Professor Peter H. Seeberger from the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces. Afternoon tea will be served before the lecture
Topic: materials chemistry Audience: students, researchers

A Soup├žon of Science: Creativity at the Interface of Chemistry and Cuisine Gwen Lawrie   |   added on Jul 13, 2011    |    Australia A/Prof Kent Kirshenbaum (NYU) will present a free public lecture providing an engaging exploration of the world of cooking from a molecular perspective. The audience will have opportunity to engage in the topic through samples circulated during the presentation.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, seminars, demonstrations, chemistry education Audience: general public, professors, educators, teachers, secondary school students, secondary schools, professional chemists, tertiary students

Australian Academy of Science Women in Chemistry Forum Jen Nixon   |   added on Jul 07, 2011    |    Australia Three senior women in international science will come together for a short public seminar in Parliament House to explore their lives, work and passions.
Topic: women in chemistry, celebrating chemistry, seminar Audience: professional chemists, women chemists, graduate students, professors, general public

What's Cooking at the Shine Dome - Australian Academy of Science Open Day Jen Nixon   |   added on Jul 07, 2011    |    Australia Feast on an exciting and engaging program for all ages as the Australian Academy of Science Open Day explores the chemistry of food. Learn about the science of wine production, the chemistry of nutritious food, the way taste works and much more in an interactive smorgasbord of scientific delights.
Topic: hands-on activities, chemistry fun, presentations, food chemistry Audience: general public, teachers, students, school children, scientists