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Patents in Chemistry - a successful liaison for innovation Natasa Doslik   |   added on May 16, 2011    |    Italy The workshop on 07 June 2011 will cover topics including commercialisation of research, patenting, importance of searching prior art, and exploiting intellectual property, with particular reference to the field of chemistry.
Topic: patents, intellectual property, inventions, innovations, chemistry, workshop, technology transfer Audience: professionals, researchers in research centers and universities, representative from industry, professors, students and other relevant entities, primarily those involved in chemistry.

2011: Odissea nella Chimica - A Chemistry Odyssey Tommaso Martelli   |   added on May 11, 2011    |    Italy "2011:Odissea nella Chimica" will be in Pisa, Italy, a week-end full of activities to explore Chemistry; this event is for everyone! Old and young, experts and curious!!! see you in Pisa!!!
Topic: celebrating chemistry, hands-on activities, conferences, demonstrations Audience: students, general public, professors, educators, universities, teachers, secondary school students, tertiary education, high schools, school children

GiOCA game Giada Rossi   |   added on May 08, 2011    |    Italy Full-scale snakes and ladders game to investigate chemistry of plants and foods through the use of the 5 senses.
Topic: chemistry education, hands-on activities Audience: students, general public, school children, secondary school students

La Banda Dei Chimici (the gang of chemists) Fosca Conti   |   added on May 04, 2011    |    Italy This is a narrative and divulgative book, authored by Fosca Conti Elger and Barbara Fresch, and available since May 2011, edited by CLEUP. Ideal for young readers, schools and museums the book aims to contribute to the growth of a solid scientific culture in the younger generation, particularly in the field of chemistry.
Topic: chemistry education, educational materials, demonstrations, science fair, publications Audience: students, general public, educators, teachers, educational institutions, secondary school students, school children, secondary schools, secondary schools students

"Sustainable Chemistry, Last Call to Build Up a Clean Future" Carola Tirassa   |   added on Apr 21, 2011    |    Italy Aim of the initiative is to overview how chemistry as pervasive science is a powerful tool to change our life. Sustainable creativity is a cultural approach able to produce innovation and grow when chemistry became recognize driving force.
Topic: conferences, workshops, sustainable and green chemistry Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, general public, research scientists, universities, industrial chemists