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Catalysis Square: Important key technology for green, sustainable innovation Kotohiro Nomura   |   added on Jul 19, 2011    |    Japan “Catalysis Square: Important key technology for green, sustainable innovation” is a special public event on occasion of International Symposium on Catalysis and fine Chemicals 2011. The event consists of a special lecture for junior high and high school students, exhibitions, video and brief demonstrations for better understa
Topic: chemistry education, educational materials, seminars, workshops, sustainable and green chemistry, demonstrations Audience: students, general public, educators, teachers

58~60th Science Café Sapporo Shigeo Sugiyama   |   added on Jul 19, 2011    |    Japan "Science Cafe Sapporo" produces the place of the communication over the topic of the science and technology. We invites the researcher of Hokkaido University, and talks about catalyst chemistry etc. together with the ordinary citizens.
Topic: workshops Audience: tertiary education, general public

“Your Magic – It’s Chemistry” Exhibition Teruto Ohta   |   added on Jul 19, 2011    |    Japan An exhibition are planned to let visitors experience fun, surprise and wonder through exhibition pieces related with chemistry and materials. Through this, science museums in the world will be inspired to introduce more exhibition of chemistry.
Topic: hands-on activities, demonstrations, educational materials, art, website, publications, workshops, sustainable and green chemistry Audience: elementary, secondary and high school students and general public

Outdoor Classroom of Science Experiment in EXPO Park Shinji Danjo   |   added on Jul 19, 2011    |    Japan We will hold classroom of science experiments for children in EXPO park in Osaka. Usually this type of program is held in indoor rooms, but the feature of our program is that it is held in outdoor fields and all our programs are big in scale.
Topic: hands-on activities, workshops Audience: primary and secondary schools students and their parents

Osaka Science Festival 2011 for youngsters Shinji Danjo   |   added on Jul 19, 2011    |    Japan We will hold classroom of science experiments for children in Herbis hall in Osaka. We have approximately 80 programs of workshops, hands-on activities and science shows. It is the biggest Science Festival for youngsters in Kansai area.
Topic: workshops, hands-on activities Audience: primary and secondary schools studebts and their parents