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In this section, your ideas for IYC2011 can start to become reality. Here, you can submit activities for consideration and, after a short review, they will be listed below and any related events will populate the IYC calendar. Activities listed here have a clearly defined theme and describe how, when, and where they will take place.

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Celebrating IYC 2011 in Australia Vicki Gardiner   |   added on May 22, 2010    |    Australia Let's feature IYC in the RACI's monthly magazine, Chemistry in Australia !
Topic: Audience: teachers, professional chemists

Chem13 News Periodic Table Design Project Jean Hein   |   added on May 19, 2010    |    Canada Teachers and educators worldwide can register their students, of any age, for this one-of-a-kind periodic table project combining art and science celebrating IYC. Visit for submission instructions and how to have your creative interpretation be part of the public art display, poster and website.
Topic: hands-on activities, periodic table, art, celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, elements, classroom activity, learning Audience: general public, students, youth, educators, primary schools, high schools, universities, secondary school students

Design, production, and release of Euro-based postage stamp in Slovak Republic Milan Drabik   |   added on May 14, 2010    |    Slovakia The Slovak Chemical Society has proposed the design, production, and release of a Euro-based postage stamp bearing the logo of the International Year of Chemistry (IYC 2011). Targeted release date is January 2011.
Topic: stamp Audience: general public, worldwide stamp collectors

International picture contest "Everything is Chemistry" Christian Küchenthal   |   added on May 11, 2010    |    Germany Everything is chemistry! The air we breathe, the water we drink and the clothes we wear are only some examples of chemistry in our life. Send a picture illustrating how chemistry is a part of our everyday life. The best 12 pictures will receive an award (total prizes worth 3000 euro) and will appear in a calendar for 2011.
Topic: Audience:

Open Days of Chemistry at Faculty of Science, University of Sarajevo Meliha Zejnilagic-Hajric   |   added on May 10, 2010    |    Bosnia And Herzegovina We have organized „Open Days of Chemistry“ at our Department, that will last for a week from 10. to 15. May. We prepared interesting demonstrations from all chemistry areas, for students and teachers from middle and high schools in our country. These experiments will be performed by our students and assistants.
Topic: hands-on activities Audience: secondary schools, high schools, teachers, students