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Can We Grow Energy? - Role of Chemistry in the Energy Future Tanya Fogg   |   added on Apr 05, 2011    |    United States The global demand for energy continues to soar and the interface of biology-chemistry to fossil fuel replacement may be the next breakthrough. What chemical technologies are holding promise for this challenge? Will biofuels be the solution or create other problems? Dr. Bruce Dale discusses the challenges, innovations, and que
Topic: biofuels, fossil fuels, biochemistry, green chemistry, petroleum research, chemistry Audience: chemists, students, professors, biochemists

Ten Commandments for being a Successful Scientist Tanya Fogg   |   added on Apr 05, 2011    |    United States Some believe the successful were simply “lucky,” but what is luck? Luck, some define, is when preparation meets opportunity. And many weary scientists have wondered how to find that opportunity. Look no further – join ACS Webinars™ and our speaker, Professor Darren Griffin, of the University of Kent, UK, as he reveals ten e
Topic: chemistry, code of conduct, ethics, successful, professional development Audience: chemists, scientists, students, professional, research scientists

Creative Problem Solving in Chemical Research Tanya Fogg   |   added on Apr 05, 2011    |    United States Chemists are expected to solve problems that involve obtaining new research ideas, improving processes and production in industry, or dealing with problems that arise during research. Too often, we apply a random process or follow the same way - and receive poor results. Dr. Bill Mattson, will engage you in an interactive pre
Topic: acs webinar, chemistry, problem solving, chemical research, chemical process, development, chemical production Audience: chemistry, scientist, bench chemist, researcher, student

On the relevance of chemistry & college open house event Katrien Verheyen   |   added on Mar 31, 2011    |    Belgium During the open house day at the K.H.Kempen University College on May 8th, we have a central information stand about the relevance of chemistry for everyone's life.
Topic: hands-on activities, demonstrations, chemistry Audience: general public, secondary school students, tertiary education, school children

Workshop: Chemistry and patents - success for innovation Natasa Doslik   |   added on Mar 29, 2011    |    Germany The workshop on 29.04.2011 will cover topics including commercialisation of research, patenting, importance of searching prior art, and exploiting intellectual property, with particular reference to the field of chemistry.
Topic: workshops, chemistry, intellectual property, inventions, patents, technology transfer Audience: researchers in university and research centers, representative from industry, professionals, professors, students and other relevant entities, primarily those involved in chemistry.