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The Israel Chemical Society IYC Celebrations

Activity by Ehud Keinan   |   added on Feb 22, 2012   |   Israel Official_iyc_logo


The Israel Chemical Society (ICS) has joined its sister societies around the globe with over a dozen original endeavors for the International Year of Chemistry.

Chemistry has always been a prominent area of scientific and technological excellence in the State of Israel. Israel is home to about 7,000 chemists, 5,000 chemical engineers, and 1,000 chemistry teachers. The Israeli chemical industry has contributed significantly to the national economy, with chemical products constituting about 25% of the country’s exports. Two of the State’s nine Presidents, Prof. Chaim Weizmann and Prof. Ephraim Katzir, were world-renowned chemists. All three Nobel Prizes in science awarded so far to Israeli scientists, Professors Avram Hershko (2004), Aaron Ciechanover (2004), and Ada Yonath (2009), were Chemistry Prizes.

The Israel Chemical Society (ICS), founded in 1933 as a non-profit organization, aims at the promotion of chemical research and development, the chemical industry, and chemical education, as reflected by its diverse membership, including academic faculty members and students, industrial chemists, chemical engineers, and chemistry teachers.

The overarching goals of the ICS perfectly match the global goals of IYC2011: increasing public appreciation and awareness of chemistry and, in particular, increasing the interest of young people in chemistry and chemical education in order to ensure that first-rate minds continue to be attracted to and challenged by the Central Science.

All members of the ICS, including chemists, chemical engineers, and chemistry teachers, share the excitement and pride of being Israeli chemists. The ICS has joined its sister societies around the globe with over a dozen original endeavors for the International Year of Chemistry, three of which are reported here: the Launch Ceremony in the Knesset, the issuing of new stamps, and participation in the 3rd Israel Mountain-to-Valley relay race.

Read full by update by E. Keinan in Isr. J. Chem. 2011, 51, 688-697; doi:10.1002/ijch.201100061

Other events included the “Chemistry Week”, the International Conference on Art, Science and Technology held in Carmiel, and the “Researchers Night” at the Science Museum in Haifa.


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* The M2V is the Mountain to Valley race, the longest and most challenging relay race in Israel, featuring 212 km of dirt roads and mountainous paths from the foot of Mount Hermon along the vistas of the Hula Valley, the mountainous Jordan River, Sea of Galilee, the Beit Netofa Valley and the lower Galilee, the Jezreel Valley, all the way to the communal village of Timrat. The 3rd M2V race was held on May19–20, 2011. Read about the IYC ICS teams participation in Keinan's report.

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Feb 07 - Feb 10, 2011 Chemistry Week in Tel Aviv