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Sustain the results of the International Year of Chemistry

Activity by Jan Apotheker   |   added on Nov 01, 2011   |   Netherlands Official_iyc_logo


Symposium at the ICCECRICE 2012, Monday July 16, 2012, afternoon session

The Committee on Chemistry Education has worked hard and has been instrumental in celebrating the International Year of Chemistry. Quit a few activities have been organized in cooperation with the CCE. During the IUPAC meeting in Puerto Rico one of the questions raised was how to preserve and sustain the accomplishments of the International Year of Chemistry.

During the joint conference of CCE and EuchemS one of the symposia will be about the International year of chemistry. I would like to focus the symposium on the question of how to sustain the results of the activities during the IYC in the future. I would like to invite papers and oral contributions with the following criteria:

> A description of the activity organized during the IYC

> An analysis of the impact of the activity

> In what was was chemistry promoted

> Suggestions about the way the results of the activity could be used in the future

> Suggestions about future activities

After the symposium a discussion will be held with the participants to see what type of common project might be proposed to ensure that accomplishments of the International year of Chemistry will be sustained in the near future.

During the 4th EUCHEMS conference the results of this discussion will be reported.

Topic: chemistry education, celebrating chemistry, networking, conferences Audience: professors, educators, teachers, educational institutions, high schools, tertiary education, secondary schools


Fabienne Meyers | Jan 30, 2012 06:46PM

Visit the ICCE-ECRICE website for more details.

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Jul 16 - Jul 20, 2012 ICCECRICE