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Genomics, Obesity and Diabetes

Activity by Eduardo Barzana   |   added on May 10, 2011   |   Mexico Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): School of Chemistry, UNAM, INMEGEN and The Mexican Biochemical Society

A very hot topic in chemistry and medicine these days is that related to obesity and diabetes. In this colloquium, a number of very prestiged scientists, both national and international, will discuss this topic mainly from the point of view of genomics.

Colloquium: Genomics, Obesity and Diabetes


School of Chemistry, UNAM and INMEGEN

August 17th and 18th, 2011. Mexico City


August 17th   AUDITORIUM “Alfonso Caso”, Ciudad Universitaria, UNAM


9:00-9:30        Opening event (School of Chemistry, UNAM and INMEGEN Authorities).



9:30-10:00      Dr. Rubén Lisker (INCMNSZ, Mexico)

The development of human genetics in Mexico


10:00-11:30  Symposium: Genomics, Obesity and type 2 diabetes (School of Chemistry,  UNAM-INMEGEN)


            Dr. Marta Menjivar, School of Chemistry, UNAM.  Ethnogenomics

            Dr. Victor Acuña, ENAH.  Anthropology: from Genetics to Genomics

            Dr. Teresa Villarreal, INMEGEN, Genomics of Cardiovascular Disease

            Dr. Elizabeth Tejero, INMEGEN. Nutrigenetics

Dr. Samuel Canizales, School of Chemistry,UNAM and INCMNSZ. Genomics of Obesity and its Comorbidities



11:30-12:00    COFFEE BREAK


12:00-13:00    Dr. Carlos Bustamante, Stanford University, USA                                                        Complex Disease Genetics Research in Populations


13:00-15:30    LUNCH


15:30-16:30    Dr. Marcia Hiriart, Institute of Cell Physiology, UNAM, Mexico

Insulin and nerve growth factor secretion in the metabolic syndrome and diabetes


16:30-17:30    Dr. Phillipe Froguel, Imperial College London, UK

            Genomics of Obesity and Diabetes


17:30-18:30    Dr. Leif Groop, Lund University, Sweden

The type 2 diabetes epidemic – a collision between genes and an affluent environment





9:00-10:00                  Dr. Carlos Bustamante, Stanford University, USA                                                        Population Genetics in the Personal Genome Era


10:00-11:00                Dr. Fernando Guerrero, IMSS, Durango, Mexico

                                    Epidemiology of Obesity and Diabetes in Mexico


11:00-11:30                COFFEE BREAK


11:30-12:30                Dr. Particia Ostrosky, Institute of Biomedical Research, UNAM, Mexico.

                                    Genotoxicity and Diabetes


12:30-15:00                LUNCH


15:00-16:00                Dr. Xavier Soberón, INMEGEN, México

                                   Genomic Medicine in México


16:00-17:00                Dr. Graeme Bell, University of Chicago, USA

Diabetes Mellitus - A Model for Personalized Genetic Medicine


17:00-18:00                Speaker to be Announced



18:00-18:30                Closing Ceremony









Topic: chemistry education, workshops, biotechnology, conferences Audience: students, research scientists, universities, educational institutions, decision makers
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