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You Be The Chemist Challenge

Activity by Laurel Brent   |   added on Nov 09, 2010   |   United States Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): various chemical industry companies and affiliated organizations

The YBTC Challenge is a fun and innovative academic competition that grade 5-8 students in learning about important chemistry concepts, discoveries, and chemical safety. Challenge competitions are exciting events that take place across the country, encouraging the collaboration of community organizations, schools, and and the

Created by the Chemical Educational Foundation, the You Be The Chemist (YBTC) Challenge is a fun and innovative academic competition that engages 5th-8th grade students in the science of chemistry. The Challenge is a fantastic way to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry as it:

  • educates students about the science of chemistry as it applies to their everyday lives
  • provides educators with an exciting way to educate their students about science
  • encourages parents to participate in their child's education
  • provides industry members a tool to help develop a stronger relationship with their community

The Challenge brings students, educators/administrators, parents, industry members, and other community members together to celebrate the science of chemistry! There are levels of competion in the Challenge: local, state, and national. Local and state Challenges will take place throughout the  2010-2011 school year and culminate with a National YBTC Challenge. The 2011 National YBTC Challenge will take place June 20 at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA.  

CEF invites all to join us in this annual celebration of chemistry. Visit our website, for more information.  

Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, hands-on activities, educational materials, competition, events, everyday life Audience: students, industrial chemists, professional chemists, educators, general public, universities, teachers, decision makers, educational institutions, chemical distributors, chemical manufacturers
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