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An Industrial visit

Activity by Bhagyabati Nayak   |   added on Dec 09, 2011   |   India Official_iyc_logo


students visited the Industry "OMFED", Bhubaneswar, to observe many machines,workers and locomotives to produce packed milk, curd , ice-creams and many other items.


                                           An  Industrial tour(3.12.2011)

The students of class six visited “OMFED” factory Bhubaneswar  on  3rd December 2011 accompanied by a team of teachers. They observed many machines, workers and locomotives to produce different items like packed milk, curd,butter etc.They visited ice-cream factory where ice-creams are kept at 30 degree or below that temperature for six hours.

   The students were informed about the process involved like filtering, pasteurization, quality control test and packing etc. The experience of industrial visit was very interesting and a great learning  for students by actually observing the process.

Topic: chemistry and its application Audience: students, teachers, secondary school students, women chemists
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