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National Seminar on 'Emerging Trends in Green Chemistry' and Symposium on 'Applications of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry'

Activity by Damodar Prabhu   |   added on Sep 29, 2011   |   India Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Association of Chemistry Teachers and A N College, Patna, India

The annual National Convention of Association of Chemistry Teachers (NCCT2011) will be held on October 15-17,2011 at A N College, Patna,Bihar State along with a seminar on Green Chemistry and a symposium on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (SATAC 2011)

The Association of Chemistry Teachers,the national registered  body of Chemistry educators of India is organising the 11th National Convention of Chemistry Teachers (NCCT -2011)on October 15-17,2011 at the A N College,Patna  which is a constituent college of Magadh University, Bodhgaya.

The thrust areas to be covered in the three day meet are:

1 Emergence of Modern Chemistry

2 Natural Product Chemistry

3 Green Chemistry: prospects and challenges

4 Chemistry in Agriculture

5 Chemical fertilisers and Organic Farming

6 Chemistry and Environment-Global warming and ozone depletion

7 Research in Chemistry Education

8 Women's Contribution to Chemistry

9 India's contribution to Chemistry

There will be a special session on The International Chemistry Olympiad.

Eminent experts from prestigious scientific and academic institutions will deliver invited lectures.There will be paper presentations(oral and poster) by teacher participants.

Along with  the national convention, a seminar on 'Emerging Trends in Green Chemistry 'will be organised to focus on new stategies in the subject and environmental impact of chemical processes and products.

An international symposium on 'Applications of Thermal analysis and Calorimetry'(SATAC 2011 will be  a vital component of NCCT 2011.

 NCCT 2011 has added attraction for Chemistry educators in view of the country wide celebration of IYC 2011 in India.

 For details please contact:

Prof Bihari Singh  ,Head , Department of Chemistry, A N College, Patna

Dr Subhash Prasad singh, Department of Chemistry, A N College, Patna

Principal Dr Haridwar Singh ,A N College, Patna is the convener of NCCT 2011

Prof Ranjit K Verma, University Department of Chemistry , Magadh University, Bodhgaya,  Chairman SATAC-2011   

 Dr D V Prabhu,   Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemistry, Wilson College, Mumbai,  General Secretary , Association of Chemistry Teachers     

Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education(TIFR), Mumbai 



Topic: chemistry education, conferences, networking, educational materials, seminars, sustainable and green chemistry, celebrating chemistry, publications Audience: professors, educators, teachers, research scientists, professional chemists, women chemists, educational institutions, tertiary education, general public
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