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Science Reporter celebrates the wonders of Chemistry with a special issue

Activity by Hasan Jawaid Khan   |   added on Apr 05, 2011   |   India Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): NISCAIR

Science Reporter, the largest selling popular science magazine in India, celebrates Chemistry with a special April 2011 issue

Science Reporter, the popular science monthly magazine published by the National Institute of Science Communication And Information Resources (NISCAIR), Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi, India celebrates Chemistry with a special issue devoted to the International Year of Chemistry 2011.

The special April 2011 issue includes an interview with Prof. CNR Rao, the foremost authority on Chemistry in India and also a chemist of world renown, where he says that we must excite young people to take up chemistry not only by making teaching interesting but also by showing experimental demonstrations to them.

The cover story details the central role that Chemistry plays in every walk of life, looks back at some major turning points in chemistry and also examines its wide-ranging career prospects. Then there's an interesting account of the journey from the phogiston theory to Lavoisier's experiment to establish the composition of air in the story "Discovery of Oxygen: Birth of Modern Chemistry".

An article on Green Chemistry explores how sustainable chemistry can help us protect our environment. The Editorial talks about the legend that was Marie Curie whose achievement is central to the celebration of the International Year of Chemistry 2011.

Besides, there are articles on other topics such as Periodic Table Nearing Completion, Stainless Steel--The Green Alloy, Electrically Conducting Polymers and Fun Chemistry Experiments. There are also puzzles, quizzes and a crossword on chemistry.

Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, sustainable and green chemistry, publications Audience: students, general public, educators, women chemists, educational institutions, secondary school students, high schools, school children, secondary schools students
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