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"The sound of chemistry" at high school chemistry Alahaliia Umm al-Fahm, Israel

Activity by Rachel Mamlok=naaman   |   added on Mar 23, 2011   |   Israel Official_iyc_logo


IYC activities at high school chemistry Alahaliia Umm al-Fahm, Israel, was led by Issam Agbaria, a chemistry teacher.

The main theme of the international chemistry in high school Alahaliia is "The sound of chemistry." For example, running a radio station during the breaks once a week. Radio broadcasts relevant chemical articles, or reports written by chemistry students. Parallel to the broadcasts, one may look at the screens scattered hallways at school, and watch power point presentations on the subject of the article.

Additional activities:

  • During the breaks – students who major in chemistry, performed experimental demonstration, quizzes, and puzzles related to chemistry.
  • There was a competition of "The best logo" for the international chemistry at school.
  • A unique event held on the 3rd of March, 2012 -
    The event included activities for students during the morning, with the participation of the school board, school teachers, and guest teachers (please see the attached invitation).
    The students presented their activities, lit candles in honor of the international chemistry, made a cake in the form of the periodic table, composed poetry and chemical contexts, and the guest speaker Prof. Hussam Haick  from the Technion, lectured about electronic sensors for the cancer disease.

During this day, each class got a chemical name, and all corridors were decorated with posters related to chemistry. The general atmosphere was a holiday atmosphere. The students were enthusiastic and motivated. The school board was proud of the activities, and paid for all the expenses.


A few attached photos will serve as examples to the festive atmosphere.

Topic: experimental demonstration, quizzes, puzzles Audience: high school students, teachers
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