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Women's Breakfast: IYC celebration in ICCM 2011

Activity by Anjali Rahatgaonkar   |   added on Mar 05, 2011   |   India Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): UGC, DST, BRNS, Govt of India, Institute of Science, Nagpur, R.T.M.N.U Nagpur

ICCM 2011 Nagpur India “Women’s Breakfast, truly a unique meeting of great minds: a glittering array of Scientific Luminaries joined in a Chemical Handshake to educate, enlighten, inspire and partner!

India, was the first country to celebrate the “International Year of Chemistry 2011”, after the formal inauguration of IYC in Paris, with a spectacularly organized “International Conference on Chemistry for Mankind: Innovative Ideas in Life sciences (ICCM 2011)” held on 9th-11th February 2011. The symposium was jointly organized by the Department of Chemistry, Institute of Science, Nagpur, R.T.M.N.U. Nagpur University and S.F.S. College, Nagpur under the auspices of the Indian Society of Chemist and Biologists. More than 800 delegates from every corner of the world participated in this event. A star studded galaxy of scientists joined this forum to debate, discuss, parlay, and network for furthering the latest innovations and advances in chemistry and celebrate their applications for the betterment of mankind.

The year also commemorates on hundred years of the receipt of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry by Madam Curie: this achievement has been a beacon of hope and inspiration to women scientists everywhere. On this occasion, almost 100 women scientists met early morning on the 11th of February 2011 at the Tuli Imperial Hotel, Ramdaspeth Nagpur, conference venue of ICCM 2011 in Nagpur, India. Professor Anjali Rahatgaonkar, Institute of Science, Nagpur conducted, led and orchestrated the “Women’s Breakfast”;  Dr Vidya Zanwar, S. F. College coordinated the event successfully. Whilst enjoying a delicious breakfast the assembled women scientists had a chance to listen to excellent speakers: Dr Nicole Moreau, IUPAC President, Dr Francoise Pontet, President-Elect,  IUPAC Division VII, Dr Zafra Lerman, President of MIMSAD (Methods Integrating Music, Science, Art and Dance).

Dr Dorthy Philips, Director, Strategic Marketing, Waters, Dr Tina Nenoff, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff Sandia National Laboratories, USA, Dr Pam Randhawa,  CEO and Founder, Empiriko Corporation.

Distinguished women scientists, chemists and research scholars shared their views with all the accomplished, distinguished delegates. They gave very passionate presentations about setting priorities and accepting sacrifices. Emphasizing the importance of strong family support, they described the need to share these challenges with their partners. To be able to participate and influence their children's development they appreciated working for companies and institutions that provide flexible workings hours. Whilst Dr Nicole, Dr Francoise, chose to pursue their career within the scientific environment, National and International Laboratories in France, Dr Zafra dedicated her life for social cause, Dr Pam decided to be independent and started her own business, Dr Dorothy selected the corporate sector. Dr. Anjali, Dr Jyotsana, Dr Vidya, Dr Lanjewar, Dr Dharwadkar, academecians talked about their remarkable research experiences full of challenges. Their stories encouraged and inspired the audience to join in with questions and comments, demonstrating the significance and timeliness of the chosen topic. Many more women researchers and female students were intellectually stimulated. Obviously, having enjoyed this special networking opportunity, many women expressed their wishes for more events of similar character.  With this year being the 100th celebration of Madam Curie’s, Nobel Prize, Indian Women Scientists and Overseas Women Scientists created a global “Chemical Handshake”. This “Women’s Breakfast, was truly a unique meeting of great minds: a glittering array of Scientific Luminaries  joined in a Chemical Handshake to educate, enlighten,  inspire and partner!



Topic: networking, celebrating chemistry Audience: women chemists, professors, research scientists, post graduate students
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