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The Anatolia College Science and Technology Annual Conference

Activity by Theofanis Antonoglou   |   added on Mar 01, 2011   |   Greece Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Anatolia College

ACSTAC is a student a conference /educational simulation that models a scientific conference which will give students the opportunity to participate in a research-based process and to present their work.


The student conference “ACSTAC” (the Anatolia College Science and Technology Annual Conference), which is organized by Anatolia College, will be held on its campus on the 19th and 20th of March, 2011. The purpose of ACSTAC is the creation of an environment - in the framework of an educational simulation that models a scientific conference - which will give students the opportunity to participate in a research-based process and to present their work.  This sort of simulated process provides an intellectually exciting and challenging learning experience.  Through this process students will observe and apply the approaches and methods that researchers adopt in order conduct research and to contribute knowledge to their particular field.

The Organizing Committee of the conference consists of teachers, alumni and students of Anatolia College.

The aims of the conference are to:
• Promote the positive attitudes of students towards research;
• Enhance student interest in the sciences;
• Give students the opportunity to acquire research-based skills;
• Cultivate a scientific way of thinking and foster discovery and exploratory learning;
• Provide students with multidimensional and rich learning experiences, through the different roles that they will undertake (as organizers, reviewers of scientific papers or presenters of scientific papers and posters).

The topics covered by the conference are associated with the following scientific fields:
• Biology-Medicine
• Mathematics
• Physics
• Chemistry-Environmental Sciences
• Computer Sciences-IT

The conference includes: speeches by distinguished scientists, paper presentations, workshops and teleconferencing sessions.

In the conference will participate and will give lectures distinguished professors and scientists from all over the world: Dr. Tefkros Michaelidis, Mathematician, Pierre et Marie Curie University,Dr. Ioannis Antoniou, President of the Department of Mathematics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,  Dimitris Keridis, assistant professor, Dept of Balkan, Slavic and East countries of the University of Macedonia, and Dr. Peter Diamandis, (via teleconference) Chairman/CEO, X PRIZE Foundation, Chairman, Singularity University, Chairman, Rocket Racing League, Vice-Chairman, Space Adventures. During the conference there will also be presented the interview by Konstantinos Daskalakis, Assistant Professor, EECS, MIT that was given to Anatolia students during their last visit in Boston.

Students and teachers from public and private schools in Athens and Thessaloniki are entitled to participate in ACSTAC. However, since the idea behind the conference is to create the conditions that will allow students to gain an awareness of the research-based procedure while giving them the opportunity to experience the expectations, satisfaction and incentives of a researcher, papers can only be presented by students. Papers can be the product of either individual or group work and have to follow the structure of: a theoretical paper; an empirical study; a review paper or a description of an experiment, a construction or project. The maximum number of the papers that will be presented is ten (10) for each scientific field. The Scientific Review Committees will decide which papers will be presented.

The Scientific Reviewing Committees (for Biology-Medicine, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry-Environmental Sciences and Computer Sciences –IT) consist of science teachers from Anatolia College and from other schools. Additionally, other members of the Scientific Reviewing Committees will be Anatolia College alumni and students from Anatolia as well as students from other schools. Each Scientific Reviewing Committee consists of five members: two teachers, two students and one alumnus.

ACSTAC is supported by a web-based environment called OLSERP (On Line Scaffolding Environment for Research and Paper Writing) that provides scaffolding for learning how to conduct research and how to write different types of papers. This on line scaffolding provides a pedagogical tool to assist students as they learn how to carry out research and organize their expository writing.

Topic: conferences, chemistry, science fair Audience: teachers, secondary school students, high schools, school children, secondary schools students
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