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Appreciation of the services of staff and students who contributed to the success of IYC Inauguration ceremony and CHEMEX Trade Fair & Exhibition 27-30th January 2011

Activity by N.M. Sanjaya Hettigedara   |   added on Feb 26, 2011   |   Sri Lanka Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, College of Chemical Sciences

A ceremony to distribute the Certificates of Appreciation was held on 26th February 2011 at the P.P.G.L.Siriwardene Auditorium of the Inst. of Chem.Ceylon. Dr. Neville V Reed, Managing Director,Science Education and Industry, Royal Society of Chemistry UK, delivered a speech on 'Supporting the Global Chemistry Community.'

The services of the staff of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon and the  teachers and students of the College of Chemical Sciences who worked day and night for the successful conclusion of the IYC inauguration ceremony and 'CHEMEX 2011' Exhibition and Trade Fair ( which were held at BMICH Sri Lanka from 26-30th January 2011) were appreciated and certificates were awarded for their performances.

The ceremony was held at PPGL Siriwardene Auditorium of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, with the participation of over 400 students and staff members of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon/ College of Chemical Sciences.

The occasion was graced by Prof. M.D.P.De Costa,President Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, Prof. J.N.O.Fernando, Hony. Dean, College of Chemical Sciences and Mr.N.M.S.Hettigedera, Chairman, Steering Committee  National Secretariat  Sri Lanka IYC 2011.

 A special speech on ' Supporting the Global Chemistry Community  was delivered by  Dr. Neville V Reed, Managing Director, Science Education and Industry, Royal Society of Chemistry UK.  His interesting speech was centred around practical aspects of Chemical Sciences. Because of his unique art of presentation as well as its very useful content, it attracted many cheers from the audience.

Prof. J.N.O.Fernando Dean, College of Chemical Sciences, thanked the IYC Chairman, Mr. N.M.S.Hettigedera,  for his dedication, enthusiasm and hard work. Mr .Hettigedera in his speech thanked Prof. J.N.O.Fernando for his guidance and advice in IYC activities. He thanked the staff and students and requested them to extend same support  for the rest of the  IYC activities too which are lined up for the year, the next immediate activity  being  IYC  cultural programme- celebration of Sinhala and Tamil New Year, which has been scheduled for the 3rd of April 2011.

(Text by: A.M. Jayasekara, Programme Officer, IYC 2011 National Secretariat (Sri Lanka)


Topic: celebrating chemistry, hands-on activities Audience: students, professional chemists, professors
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